Meta Jacket NFT

META JACKET NFT is a collection of 8888 Jackets designed by artist and fashion designer, Sheycha. Holders of Meta Jacket NFT can get a chance to turn their NFTs into real Jackets and earn royalties from the sales in perpetuity. Instead of sending royalties of our product to VCs, we want to share the ownership and the royalties directly with our customers.

For many years our team has been creating bespoke handcrafted Jackets from the Kingdom of Bhutan. This collection gave us the opportunity to showcase Bhutan’s rich traditional craftsmanship in an extraordinary mix with contemporary fashion, with the infinite possibilities of NFTs.

We want to reimagine what the future of fashion looks and feels like in web 3. Over time, we hope to decentralise the creative process and share the benefits of future partnerships with ALL our NFT holders.

But for now, here's how it works:

Every month the community votes for their favourite NFT

This NFT goes into the Studio to be transformed into a real-life Jacket

Every time someone orders a Jacket with your NFT designs, you get to earn a fraction of the sales revenue

CommunityBe a part of the

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Meta Jacket NFT

The sale of Meta Jacket NFTs will be split into 2 days - Presale and Public sale.

Pre-sale (25th MARCH)

Only community members with the Runway role who have submitted their wallet addresses in our Discord will be able to participate in the Presale.

Public Sale (26th MARCH)

The remaining unminted NFTs will be released for Public Sale.

RoadmapFollow Our Journey
PHASE 1: THE STUDIOMeta Jacket NFT is more than just an NFT - it’s about you as a collector and a contributor to our creative process.
We will kick start the first phase with the Meta Jacket NFT sale, in which the sale funds will be used to fund The Studio.
PHASE 2: FROM NFTS TO JACKETSPhase 2 will see our community vote for their favourite NFTs to be transformed into real Jackets. We want to start small by getting the community to pick their favourite designs, and gradually increase this number as we grow the production team. The goal is to ultimately get all 8888 Jackets into the Studio.
PHASE 3: EARN FROM YOUR NFTThe person holding the Meta Jacket NFT will earn a fraction of all the sales from The Studio in perpetuity. So with the Meta Jacket NFT, not only will you be holding a beautiful NFT but you can also earn every time someone orders a Jacket with the design on your NFT. We will handle all the orders, productions, and shipping. All you have to do is enjoy the rewards!
PHASE 4: COMMUNITY REWARDSIn our goal to build a brand that is built and owned by the community, we will focus on strengthening our community, decentralising the creative process and creating a blended online-offline brand experience. All our NFT holders will benefit from future collections, collaborations and partnerships.

We want to evolve beyond the Jacket and use it as a medium to build and scale fashion creators in the web 3 space. Mobilising the community will enable us to grow the brand beyond Jackets. We want to explore a governance system that enables creators to work together, to explore new business models, and reward the community in new ways. We see the future of fashion in NFTs and metaverse; we hope to explore and grow together with our community.

THE TEAMMeet the Artist

Sheycha Dem is an artist and menswear designer. After graduating from Parsons School of Design in 2014, she worked as a designer for R13 in New York City. She is the designer behind streetwear label HOTEL 89 and her eponymous designer brand SHEYCHA. She mostly explores portraiture with her artwork and draws from elements of abstract expressionism. She works mainly in traditional media such as graphite, acrylic and oils.

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